Jack Brice

Jack Brice MBA MPIA – Transformation and Operations Consultant with experience engaging teams in US,UK, Singapore, India, Philippines, China and Taiwan.

For every client, Jack brings to bear his deep experience working with organizations to define their correct path forward, build an achievable strategy, and then execute that strategy to yield measurable results.

Jack’s previous long term engagements include managing technology and software development teams at General Electric (Corp HQ, Transportation and Capital), leading large scale bank merger implementation teams at Bank of America, managing FCC negotiations and spectrum-engineering project management at Sprint, functional transformation and consolidation at JPMorganChase Global Treasury, supporting healthcare strategy and transformation for Highmark Health, and advising on strategy then joining as full time COO at Bito Robotics with major equity investor Foxconn.

Outside of work, Jack enjoys music, art, leading Italian food and wine tours, and walking his Rhodesian Ridgeback.