Hazel- Ann McLean

Hazel-Ann McLean is the CEO of TriVerum LLC, a boutique business consulting firm that focuses on business transformation strategies.  TriVerum specializes in large-scale transformations in banking, healthcare, and government-regulated industries. 

Hazel has 25 years experience driving change with robust programs that identify and embrace both the external and internal dynamics accompanying meaningful change. Her clients have included, Mellon, PNC and Highmark.  

Throughout her varied and robust career, Hazel-Ann has consistently developed and implemented strategic technology solutions that have generated customer and business value, provided risk management and oversight, and managed large scale initiatives that met regulatory requirements assets that impact up to $3.4B.  Hazel-Ann was previously responsible for the IT Services of McKinsey & Co. in Pittsburgh, where she generated an annual cost savings of 6% and improved daily time efficiency by 5%.   .

Hazel emigrated from the Caribbean to Canada when she was 18 to earn her bachelor’s degree from Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada. She majored in Computer and Information Systems Management with a minor in International Business.  Hazel attended the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh for her MBA.

An early challenge in Hazel’s life was becoming the first woman to graduate from a prestigious high school in Trinidad and Tobago – Queen’s Royal College. Two years in an all male enclave of students and professors taught her to hold her ground with mastery rather than raw power; a skill she uses very day.


Hazel’s book about her life experiences, “A Sparkle of Royal Blue” has been shared with audiences throughout North America and she continues to promote Women’s Leadership throughout the US and the Caribbean too.